Human-centred approach to technology adoption

There can be a number of reasons that there are barriers to adoption and most of these relate to human behaviour. We act as the bridge between the technical and the employee, helping the IT team and the partners better understand and serve the needs of the people in the organisation.

Our adoption practice is built on change management principles. We will work with your customers on their collaboration adoption by focussing on:


of the need for change by running discovery sessions to understand your business problems and persona workflows.


to participate and support the change through our research we will understand why employees will want to use these tools and create communications around the desire for the tools.


on how to change through tailored e-learning, guides and training designed to meet your persona’s business problems.


to implement required skills and behaviours we will run data analytics and people analytics reports to measure the ability of the technology to solve your business problems.


to sustain the change through our reports we will then understand what areas of the business need further assistance to help.

What does Taleka do for the customer?

What does Taleka do for the partner?