Taleka’s human-centred approach to technology adoption

Often the person in charge of introducing new technology is in the IT team. But the adoption strategy is more than an IT project: it involves change management, training, and communication. If you have specialists or departments in your organisation in charge of these areas, we’ll help you engage them as soon as possible so that they can bring their wisdom and processes to the table. We’ll also help you secure buy-in from your organisation’s executive leadership and harness their influence to drive adoption of the new technology.

We conduct systematic research with staff across all areas the business, including surveys and focus groups, to find out exactly what they do and why. We then cross-reference the information we have gathered with our extensive knowledge of the technology’s affordances to identify personas—worker types who will each relate to the technology differently. We can then design communication and training to suit each persona, focusing on just the most relevant aspects of the new technology for them.

We’ll work with your internal team to design and execute a sustained communication campaign to accompany your project, targeted to the needs and interests of each persona. The campaign starts well before deployment to highlight what’s coming and why employees should be interested. That way, by the time the new tools drop and training opens for enrolments, everyone’s excited and eager to check it out.

Once your employees know why they should be using your new technology, we’re there to show them how. We’ll design and provide everything from interactive, on-demand eLearning to customised user guides, and of course, face-to-face, expert-led training–all tailored for each persona in your workforce to highlight just the things they need to know. We can even install a walk-up genius bar in a high-traffic area at your workplace manned by one of our expert trainers, or have them walk your floors offering support to your employees.

We know that technology adoption is a journey that doesn’t usually end after the first round of training. We’ll closely measure your organisation’s progress toward achieving the adoption goals you set at the start of your journey, and at the end of our engagement provide a report detailing the current state of adoption, and any remaining barriers and lessons to take forward to the next stage. We can even work with your marketing and communication team to internally market the success of the project–making the project team look good AND driving further adoption.