Watch how family members restricted from travel are still able to be at the bedside of their critically ill loved one in ICU… to tell stories, sing songs or just be there together using our HowRU open and flexible virtual visiting solution.

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We recognise that virtual events require a different approach to in-person events.

Employees often don’t engage with new technologies because they don’t understand how the technology will benefit them in their day-to-day work. As a result, they can be frustrated when new tools are introduced, and the uptake across the business does not meet expectations. Ultimately, the money invested in the new technology is wasted.

We know that even the world’s best technology requires a skillful plan to ensure that it is successfully adopted. Our human-centred approach addresses a range of critical success factors to increase employee uptake of your new technology, so you can realise the benefits of your investment.

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You’ve sold your customer a collaboration solution, but that’s only the beginning. They need to rapidly achieve maximum uptake so that in a few years’ time, they recognise the value in their investment and are willing to keep renewing their subscription. Let us help you build those long-term, happy relationships with your customers!

We’ll work alongside you from day one, helping you to sell the value of adoption services to your customers, gathering end-user requirements to assist you with deployment, and, most importantly, working directly with your customers long after deployment to increase adoption right across the workforce.

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