Pre-sales Consultancy

Proving Value During Your Proof of Concept

When you’ve got a prospective customer, we can work directly with the organisation to run a proof-of-value program to get the sale over the line. We help customers to break down business problems in complex environments, the design thinking methodologies we use makes sure the technology you’re testing is innovative, creative and ultimately more human.

Helps shape and test user experience so it can be better designed once fully deployed.

Mitigates risk of deploying technology that won’t be adopted and ensure it adds business value.

Identifies business use cases and tests the technology ability to add value to these.

Allows you to prototype an experience and make changes before you buy.

The outcomes of delivering a human centred design approach include:

Motivate people

Motivate people to make the individual changes needed to improve the way they work.

Day One Success

Achieve early wins and secure champions to build momentum and transformation success in future.

Quicker to Benefit

Achieve the expected benefits of the try and buy more quickly by solving business use cases.

Ensure Goals in Place

Be certain targeted high value use cases are identified, in place and aligning with company goals.

Future User Adoption

Introduce change concepts and practices that the organisation can use in the future.