Connecting the world’s most successful businesses

Collaboration is at the heart of every successful corporation. The ability to connect to the right person with ease and get work done across distances can make the difference between a company that soars and one that struggles.

Taleka has worked with the world’s largest banks, grocery chains with thousands of stores internationally, and small tech start-ups and consulting firms. We bring to bear our vast experience with a broad variety of businesses to design technology adoption programs that cater to each unique workforce and customer base. We take the time to understand the communicative needs and challenges of your business, and design a strategy to help you modernise collaboration seamlessly.


Sotheby's Case Study

Sotheby’s staff had not used a soft phone before and its introduction was to enable new work practices to improve internal and external communication. Telstra called upon Taleka to provide an end user adoption program for Sotheby’s staff to help them fully understand the benefits that Jabber would bring.
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