About us

We are Taleka

Taleka is a growing company of amazing people! We have physical offices in Stirling, Scotland and Melbourne, Australia, however our talented team are located all over the globe.​
We help organisations adopt new technologies, applying a human-centred approach to change management, stakeholder engagement, communication, and training.
We believe technology should be purposefully designed and delivered with people in mind.​

What makes us unique?

As a global leader in providing adoption services and driving innovation for digital technologies, Taleka applies a ‘people first’ approach to help solve ‘human problems’ enabled by the use of collaboration tools and software. We believe technology should be purposefully inspired and delivered with people in mind.

Customers see us as ‘trusted advisors’ since we don’t sell any products; we collaborate with other eco-system and reselling partners by placing our experts alongside their teams to help customers to achieve real human outcomes. 

We act as the bridge between the technical and the employees, helping the IT team and the partners better understand and serve the needs of the people in the organisation.​ 

Our core values

People first

Not talent, personnel, human resources, managers, clients, or customers.
We work with people.
We help solve human problems.


We look in different places, ask other questions, try new things.
Nothing is ever “good enough.”
We thrive on coming up with new ideas to grow and evolve what we do.​


Although we are a business, most of what we do comes from wanting to help others – our teammates, our industry, our customers and the community around us.


We are honest with our customers ​
and with each other.


Information and experiences, successes and failures, good news and bad news – we share openly. It makes us all stronger.​


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, both as an organisation and with our customers.​

Accreditations and awards


  • Cisco Customer Experience Specialised Partner
  • Cisco Select Developer
  • Cisco Select Integrator
  • Cisco Solution Partner
  • Microsoft Partner


  • ARN 2021 Innovation Awards for Partner Innovation: Collaboration
  • Cisco APJC Xtend Partner of the Year 2021
  • Cisco APJC Eco-system Partner of the Year 2020
  • Cisco Partner Innovation Award – 2019
  • Cisco ANZ’s first Customer Success Partner of the Year Award 2018

Specialist Individual Accreditations

In addition to vendor specific accreditations we have a number of staff who have achieved the following certifications:

  • Design Thinking for Innovation by RMIT
  • APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner