Creating the classrooms of the future

When introducing collaboration technology into an education setting, we rewrite the playbook. Particularly when the technology is used for teaching and learning, the approach that works in a corporate environment no longer applies.

Helping teachers, learners, and professional staff thrive in a remote education environment requires advanced understanding of the people, the use case, and the technology. Protecting young learners with additional security and privacy is a priority, as is the ability to foster active learning. The traditional ‘video meeting’ must be transformed into an interactive, engaging classroom that the teacher can easily control. The technology must feel seamless to allow the learning to take centre stage.

Taleka has a well-established track record of successful technology adoption projects with primary, secondary, and tertiary education institutions around the globe, as well as governing education bodies. Our projects have ranged from rapid enablement programs to get a school or university up and running with collaboration technology in 12 weeks, to five-year transformation programs that thoroughly embed the technology across a network of schools for teachers, students, and professional staff alike. Our team also includes former primary and high school teachers and academics, whose experience gives us unique insight into our education customers’ needs.

Department of Education and Training Victoria

Cisco supports the Victorian Government’s commitment to the Education State in delivering a quality virtual learning experiences for students enabled by Cisco Webex.

George Watson’s College

George Watson's College

The school identified the need to make major changes in its infrastructure and selected Cisco because of the technology benefits and the ability to integrate with existing systems. The desire for far better communication and creating a trusted process was at the heart of the project.
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