Transforming government collaboration

Government bodies have unique requirements when it comes to remote collaboration – whether it is coordinating disaster relief, negotiating classified trade agreements with foreign governments, or conducting entire legal hearings in a virtual court. The stakes are rarely higher than in government, and technology cannot get in the way.

Considerations such as security and information governance really matter to government organisations, and must be taken into account alongside the need for agility in collaboration. For government, a successful technology adoption can also involve enabling and upskilling extremely large workforces spread across hundreds of locations, often including remote areas.

Taleka is proud of the part we have played in helping many government organisations provide essential services to the public over the past 20 years. Never more so than in 2020, throughout which we have worked hard to help several large government customers use collaboration technology to convert to 100% remote operations, while also meeting unprecedented demand for their services.


TasWater Case Study

TasWater is a geographically dispersed, state-wide organisation that needed to reduce the need to its highest risk activity – travel – and to also make it easier for its people to collaborate and communicate.
Taleka provided user-centred methodology to maximise adoption of Cisco Webex technology.
Read the full case study here.

Deutsche Bahn

Taleka was initially engaged to carry out training by Deutsche Bahn’s technology partner BT Stemmer. During the initial engagement it became clear that Deutsche Bahn’s staff would benefit from a user centric adoption program on how they used the services to change company culture, as well as the how to training.
Read the full case study here.