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When making life or death decisions, effective collaboration is paramount. Doctors, nurses, and administrators rely on their access to timely, clear, and efficient communication, so introducing new collaboration technology must be handled with great care to minimise risk.

Taleka understands these needs all too well, with many years of experience in technology adoption for public and private healthcare organisations. Our customers have ranged from hospitals and doctors’ offices to governing healthcare bodies and aged care facilities.

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As a global leader in providing adoption services for digital technologies, identifying use cases and developing simplified workflows, Taleka can assist Hospitals and AgedCare Facilities with implementing successful family connection services.

We work directly with staff long after initial deployment to increase adoption for all of those engaged and involved in the service.

Our human approach of “people first” will ensure that the service is successful in your hospital or facility by a focus in ensuring the most seamless customer experience is achieved for Staff, Patients and Family.

Our experienced healthcare team of consultants and technology adoption specialists will engage with the key staff to understand your unique current patient care workflows and needs and how the family connect service integrates with these.

We will take care of delivering program management, design and customise staff communications, create specific educational material including videos and patient / family guides, develop customised training for key frontline staff and social workers (for family assistance) removing this workload from your busy teams.

Our partnership with Citrus Solutions allows us both to provide a holistic offering for this healthcare service by combining their innovation to automate / simplify the experience, technical expertise, focus on quality, security and ongoing support to complement with our human centred approach to technology adoption.

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Infectious diseases as exemplified by the current COVID-19 situation, immune vulnerability as well as the isolation of distance for family members restrict access especially in ICU and recovery wards and for AgedCare residents.

Staying connected is known to improve patient outcomes and speed up recovery. Infection control will be the new normal so family isolation and distancing will continue for a long time. Multiple different consumer solutions are hard for healthcare staff to manage and often not secure or private enough for patient privacy rules.
HowRU requires minimal input by staff, allowing them to focus on patient care and needs.

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