Learn how to use Webex Products using Webex Devices!

Taleka and Appspace work together as two eco-system partners to help Cisco customers with their journey to transform workplace collaboration with Webex.

  • The solution combines on-demand content and the Appspace App running on Cisco Collaboration Endpoints, the goal of the solution is to achieve faster technology adoption across users of all generations.
  • Short how to videos and learning content on demand is displayed on the Webex devices in a matter of seconds, showing employees how the technology works so they can concentrate on getting work done.
  • A list of the most common ‘how to video’ topics can be displayed on devices and touch 10’s. Digital signage can be used when the devices are idle or half-wake to inform employees about what they can do and what voice commands can be used.
  • The content and branding of the videos and images can be customised to the end customer’s specific requirements / live environment.
  • User Journey videos that bring use cases ‘to life’ can be created for a specific customer or vertical can also be requested and played. For example, education customers could cover “how do l start a virtual excursion”, “how do l create a space with my students”.
    Examples of these videos can be viewed here.

Webex Board examples

Making a call on the Webex Board using the mobile app
Making a call from the Webex Board
Pairing with the Webex Board
Sharing content on the Webex Board

Room Kit examples

Making a call on the touch panel using the mobile app
Making a call on the touch panel
Pairing with the Touch Panel
Sharing Content on the Room Device

See a demo in action!